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Nail pullers

  • GE crease nail pullers
    US$201.05 GE crease nail pullers
    GE crease nail pullers. Made in the USA, these nail pullers from GE are a premium product for the professional farrier. Used to remove nails from the horseshoe whilst the shoe is in place on the foot. Removing the nails...
  • Mustad horse shoe nail pullers
    US$121.47 Mustad nail pullers
    Mid-quality nail pullers that give a good grip. Used to pull nails out of shoe before removing shoe. Blackened steel finish.  
  • Nordic Forge nail pullers
    US$79.58 Nordic nail pullers
    Nordic Forge nail pullers. This tools makes horseshoe removal easier. Pull the nails out of the shoe before pulling it off. The crease nail pullers are designed to fit in the groove of most fullered shoes. Made in the...